1. The Leader in Charge may book the facility with the Warden on Duty by emailing
  2. The site can be used for a one day activity by groups.
  3. The site can be used for County Scout & Guide or other group events.
  4. Please remove pegs, irons, stones and coat hangers etc
  5. No permanent structure may be left on site, e.g.. railings, gadgets, all must be taken down at end of camps.
  6. The cinders from fires are to be placed in the Metal Barrels marked CINDERS ONLY in the Fire area.
  7. Gadget wood to be stored in the areas marked out for them on site.
  8. Rubbish should be separated for recycling and placed in Bins provided.
  9. Drivers are asked to be careful approaching the site due to close proximity to the local N.S.
  10. Vehicles are not permitted to park onsite. Parking in marked areas on opposite side.
  11. Bring your own Firewood for campfires.
  12. Beacause the site is in close proximity to local residents we ask that you have lights out at 11pm. please ensure you lock the gate before retireing for the night.
  13. For your security please lock the doors to the centre and the entrance gate when you are leaving the centre.




 Contact us for Rates 

A booking deposit of €100.00 payable in advance when returning your Booking Form.

Cheques payable to Knockingall Organisation Community Centre.

Groups must pay camping fees on arrival at centre.

Groups of any size must send in their own Insurance Policy copy when booking by email to ‘’ or by Post to Gordon Rochford, Company Treasurer, Inishfree, Piercestown, Wexford Y35X3c8


Monies collected are put towards the further improvement & development of the Knockingall Organisation Community Centre




FOR SCOUT/GUIDE GROUPS Group Neckerchief should be worn by all while on site.


  1. Contact the Warden on duty by email to book your stay at the Centre/Campsite.
  2. Fires are only to be lit in the Fire sites.
  3. Please leave the K.O. Community Centre /Campsite in as good a condition as you found it.
  4. Alcohol is not permitted on site at this Centre/Campsite. Smoking is not allowed on site.
  5. Children of leaders who arrive with Scout or Guide Groups remain the responsibility at all times of their parents, and must be advised when booking, family insurance will need to cover any child not included in uniformed bodies.
  6. The Knockingall Organisation Community Centre CANNOT accept liability in the case of personal injury to visitors/campers/trainees/or other visitors for the loss or damage to their own personal property including vehicles no matter what the cause might be.



  • DO read the Rules and Conditions of the Knockingall Org Community Cente available in the Hallway.
  • DON’T cut any growing timber.
  • DO drive slowly through the village and outside the centre/campsite.
  • DON’T cut gadget wood on the site.
  • DO leave a good impression of your organization in the Centre/Campsite or anywhere you go in the area.
  • DON’T  dig any pits on the Knockingall Org Community Centre/Campsite.
  • DO use your common sense, if in doubt ASK.
  • DON’T hesitate to contact the Site Warden on duty if you encounter a major problem.
  • DO have a good stay and enjoy yourselves at our Centre/Campsite.
  • DON’T bring any cars/trailers into the site due to constrictions within the site for space of parking. Car Park is available across the road on other side of road.
  • DO remember to come back and visit us again.



We ask all Groups using the Knockingall Org Community Centre/Campsite to remove their waste if possible, if not please dispose of your waste in the correct bins outside our centre.

We promote the recycling of Waste at our Centre/Campsite and ask all Groups that use our site to separate your waste into the following areas, Paper & Cardboard, Food Waste, Plastic, Glass and Tin Cans.

You will find a newspaper/bottle bank/ cardboard bins just 50 yards up road at side of church wall if you cannot fit all into our bins.

Please clean all food containers before placing them into the Bins.

Thank you.